6 Proven Rules for Engagement

May 9, 2016

1. Insights & Targeting

The tighter your audience insights, the more relevant you can make your message, and the more efficiently you can reach them to maximize engagement.

2. Keep it Short & Simple

Don’t ask the consumer to do too much – or spend too much time. 5 minutes or less is all it should take to capture their attention and spark engagement.

3. Use the Right Medium in the Right Way

Your Facebook promotion should be different than a Twitter text-based promotion—be sure to tailor messages to the way people use the medium.

4. Be Consistent

You’ve spent a lot of money building your brand – so running a promotion should be consistent and work hand-in-hand with your brand image.

5. Maximize your Prize Partnerships

Diminish promotional costs by partnering with relevant brands in exchange for media exposure/other benefits.

6. Ensure Legal Compliance

Be sure to hire an experienced promotional agency (Centra360) who knows all the ins-and-outs of ensuring legally compliant promotions on a state-by-state basis for a seamless, worry-free promotion!

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