5 simple steps to shopper marketing success

June 25, 2016

“Give a shopper a great deal and they’ll feel good for a day. Give them a great solution and they’ll be loyal for months.”

1. Use the right channels

Depending on your target audience, be sure to use the appropriate channels of communication: Mobile, Online, Circulars, Newspapers, Coupons, Radio, Guerilla, etc.

2. Offer a solution

Show how brand offers value to the shopper. Be it health regimen, meal-based or lifestyle-oriented, the most successful programs are always those that fulfill a need, offer a solution, save time, offer a great experience, make someone’s day better, etc.

3. Dialogue with shoppers

Use the right language and tone to connect with the shopper. Know what will capture their attention by leveraging insights & trend analysis.

4. Highlight relevance

Position the program as being relevant to your customers’ lifestyle, relate it to what’s happening in pop culture or new ‘trend’ (if appropriate), or add a promotion or sweepstakes with a prize they will covet to spark interest and dialogues with shoppers.

5. Align with similar brands

Whether in grocery, mass, club or drug, retailers are seeing the strongest results driven by rich, authentic and inspired partnerships.

6. Retail support

Develop clear and measurable business objectives that address incremental display, ensuring stores and brands know their role as stakeholders to maximize sales.

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