7 Things You Must Do Before Jumping Into Brand Promotion

January 14, 2020

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m a diehard Levi’s person” or “I’m a Whole Foods person?” That’s brand awareness at its finest – people embracing a brand as part of their identity and a reflection of their lifestyle.

Brand promotions are often underrated as a driving force in sales. Yet, they’re crucial pillars of any successful digital marketing and lead generation strategy. But ensuring brand consistency across multiple channels, let alone each social network, is a challenge for all brands, even those who seem to have it down pat.

Look Before You Leap. Are you ready to jump into brand promotions on social media? Here are 7 things you must do before diving in.


All marketing strategies require advance preparation. Branding campaign goals should include:

  • Increasing awareness
  • Acquiring leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Adding loyal customers
  • Increasing engagement

Each goal must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely (SMART).


Most brands have social media accounts in place. If you’re one of them, review the last year’s worth of content and determine which posts and which platforms most resonated with followers. Find the common theme and use that as a base for your new campaigns.


All successful brand promotions are data-driven so it’s important to focus on metrics that matter. The new policy of hiding “Likes” on Facebook and Instagram is a wake-up call to marketers everywhere that it’s no longer enough to simply rack up hundreds or thousand of little hearts. Brands must look to data to determine reach, clicks, and engagement. Hashtag performance and customer sentiment must also be factored in.


Before creating content, look at what your competitors are doing. Some people like using competitor analysis tools, but you can also simply review the accounts yourself. The goal is to determine how to set your brand apart, not to create copycat content or methods. For example, if most of your competition takes a serious approach, can your brand become known for its humorous takes?


This is where the theme you discover in step #2 comes into play. It’s perfectly fine to have more than one theme but the underlying essence should be consistent. To create engaging content that tells your brand’s story and compels people to share it:

  • Stick to the topics that research shows your targeted audience care most about.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Foster positive emotions like inspiration and entertainment to build a positive brand connection and customer trust.

Remember: every social media post should be relevant and meaningful to your audience. Posting too frequently and sharing “boring” content are two of the top reasons people unfollow and unlike brands.


Deciding which social platforms to post is also a top priority. Lots of brands start out on every platform, but it can be a waste of resources to post on sites your audience doesn’t use. It’s far better to focus on creating fantastic content for fewer platforms that deliver new leads and customers. Think about:

  • Your target audience on each platform. Teens and young adults are more frequently found on Instagram, for example, and older adults still prefer Facebook.
  • To stay consistent, decide what your brand’s “X factor” will be on each platform. Instagram is a highly visual site, YouTube is perfect for long-form videos, and deep dive content is ideal for articles on LinkedIn.
  • Explore smaller, niche social platforms that can help reach your targeted audience. For example, Mixer is a creative network app and community for people in the arts industries and Sportifico is a network for athletes and coaches.


Social media technology is constantly changing so you need to regularly test your brand promotions for relevancy and effectiveness. Stay open to pivoting and making changes to your social media strategy when necessary.

Social media plays a key role in brand promotions. To increase your brand’s chances of success, make a plan, know your audience, use the right content and tools to fuel your campaigns, and consistently track performance.


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