Combining the power of digital rebates with on-pack promotion to drive sales

February 11, 2019

Challenge #1

For long-time client The J.M. Smucker Company, who sells Dunkin’ Donuts® products through grocery and mass merch channels, the ask was to help drive holiday sales of their medium roast original coffee during a cluttered marketing timeframe when coffee
purchases were not at the top of the grocery shopping list.

The Execution

The solution – create and then promote a collectible Holiday Tin that would stand out on shelf, in combination with an on-pack offer of a $5 Dunkin’ e-savings card.

Centra360 was responsible for multiple aspects of the promotion: 1) delivering promo codes via the on-pack sticker; 2) building the promotional website to validate consumer purchases, and 3) rewarding consumers by distributing the $5 Dunkin’ e-cards.

Registration data also allowed JMS to capture opt-ins for future re- marketing.


Essentially a bounce back digital rebate to drive a future purchase, the Dunkin’ Donuts Holiday Tin Offer yielded a 6% redemption which includes 59% of the customers purchasing at least 2 Holiday Tin packages (ea. @ $7.99 avg. retail). Plus, there are now beautiful Dunkin’ branded storage tins sitting in home pantries reminding consumers to buy more bags of Dunkin’ coffee!


Challenge #2

To capitalize on the hot trend in cold brew coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts® Cold Brew was being introduced for at-home consumption with need to to generate awareness and drive trial.


The Execution

Rather than offer a straight rebate, instead specially-marked packages designed for grocery and mass merch retailers promoted an insert with a unique, one-time use PROMO Code for consumers to obtain a $5 Dunkin’ Card as a “Thank You” for purchase. Through registration on a promotional microsite developed and managed by Centra360, sales receipts were validated, and cards mailed out to drive follow-up purchases.



This digital rebate offer yielded an 8% redemption which includes 47% of the consumers purchasing at least 2 Cold Brew packages.


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