Driving Brand Activation in today’s marketplace requires a dedicated focus.

April 17, 2019

We believe virtually every product and service can benefit from a promotional activation to help achieve business objectives. And no one has more ways to deliver the right kind of promotion than we do.

Centra360 has been developing and executing promotions of ALL kinds for over 25 years. With programs for companies like Smuckers, Folgers, E&J Gallo Winery, JetBlue, Foster Farms, Kenmore, Core Water, PopSugar, Aruba Tourism, Hyundai, Santander Bank and many more, we’re tested and proven in virtually every consumer and B2B industry.

So to encourage you to discover what we can bring to your business, we’ve developed a complete “Guide to the Art & Science of Promotion & Digital Capabilities”, check it out!

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Centa360 is an award-winning marketing agency in NY best known for its shopper marketing, experiential and sweepstakes expertise.

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