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April 12, 2018

From the desk of Brandi M Bell, MSW, CSW…

Today there is a convergence of ideas, interests, and values along a continuum that the healthy or health minded consumers embrace. The consumer seeks to be informed on what ingredients go into their food, plus self care and family products, skincare, cosmetics cleaning products, workout gear, and environment. There is a real trend to wellness and self-care. Practice mindfulness and mindful clean eating drive consumer choice and behavior today.

There are many (good) or important reasons for this.

One driving factor is that with knowledge comes power. The consumer today is armed with Google and other search engines so that means if they don’t know an ingredient on a label, they can search it. Most informed consumers today say, “If I don’t know what it is I don’t want to put it in my body or my family members!” These informed consumers also “review the reviews” and if a social media review notes a negative ingredient, well buyer beware!

This trend towards conscious mindful healthy choices is further driven by the explosion of new knowledge in the science, nutrition, and technology aided scans. For example, science has shown us that in addition to the neurotransmitters in our brain we have a second set in our guts. Thus, the coinage of the gut being called the second brain or little brain. Some real food for thought here… since food is introduced first in your gastrointestinal tract or gut what you feed your body will have a real and decisive impact on your mood, health and well being. Think of this as a double potent gut reaction! And then you begin to see the importance of the healthy clean eating!

This is because the neurotransmitters impact our mood and well-being every day. For example, serotonin is the natural feel good neurotransmitter. Serotonin is naturally found in your gut and your brain and works to bathe these areas and provide balance of natural substances. Dopamine is another important neurotransmitter. By exercise and healthy eating we can encourage and support these and other important neurotransmitters as well as other important factors in our bodies!

Another factor furthering this trend is the interest in the Micro biome and the expanding body of knowledge in this area that speaks to the importance of keeping the micro biome and body in balance. Science has shown that certain foods promote the growth of healthy good bacteria in the gut, while others may cause an overgrowth of unhealthy gut bacteria (i.e., processed and fried foods and foods high in trans fat).

New technologies in science coupled with new instruments and technology rapidly expand the knowledge base.

Just last week for example, scientists, doctors, and researchers at NYU Langone reported the findings of a new organ they coined, The Intestinal Spaces (NY. Times April_2018.)

So we have seen that eating right supports health, well being and keeping the body in balance. So what makes it so difficult and complicated? Dr. Barry Schwartz has shown that more choice presents more difficult decision making. (Dr. Barry Schwartz)

That is why Centra is developing The All Natural Month and why your brand(s) should be in it!

By presenting the healthy consumer with All Natural Brands across platforms and social media we seek to “move the needle” for healthy consumers to drive awareness, shopper engagement and with coupons help convert the healthy choice minded consumer into brand supporters.

By inclusion in All Natural Month you will be a part of a healthy buffet of choices and convert the healthy minded consumer into making the choice to select your brand.

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