New Study Reveals What All-Natural Shoppers Really Want

February 15, 2018

Hint: It’s STILL about price

With the massive cultural shift towards healthy eating in the U.S., Centra360 wanted to better understand how this trend was being actually embraced by consumers against not just food but in all consumable categories. In a national survey conducted by Centra360 during the first week of February 2018, 775 consumers who bought products they defined as “all-natural” with some monthly frequency shared a number of purchasing behaviors and preferences.

What Are They Buying?

While fresh produce, beef and poultry are the pathways into natural and organic buying for most households, some interesting categories surface as the ones next most popular. Personal care items (like deodorants, cosmetics, toothpaste) ranked next highest in natural purchase preference, following by dairy, beverage, snack foods and household cleaners. This demonstrates that among households with interest and some regular purchase of natural or organic products, it’s an area not just constrained to fresh food and in fact is reflective of conscious lifestyle decisions.

They’re Buying More

Not surprisingly, over 70% who identified as purchasing natural products from 2-4x per month stated they have been purchasing more often than they did a year ago. Over 60% indicated that price was what kept them from buying more natural or organic products. Perhaps most compelling is their strong interest in receiving information about a range of natural products coupled with coupons or discounts to bring down the costs of buying natural vs their “regular” brands or products.

Price Is Still Primary Barrier

What does all this tell us? That whether perceived or real, natural and organic products still carry a stigma of “too expensive” that is the category’s greatest barrier to broad adoption by consumers.

By a wide margin, consumers said price was the primary deterrent to buying either more frequently or across a broader range of natural products, while over 20% of respondents said not having access to a wider range of all-natural products kept them from buying more. Brand trust, taste and performance were the other primary qualifiers for entry, and likely they all combine to play a strong role in deterring growth.

The All-Natural Consumer Is Seeking Discounts

When frequent purchasers in the category were asked whether high-value coupons would get them to buy more, nearly 90% said yes. Further, 61% stated they would most like to receive savings via digital coupons; 39% to receive them via a text link or coupon site; with digital ads being the most preferred way to be made aware of such offers.

Who ARE these consumers?

Contrary to popular belief, consumers in this survey represented fairly equally across Boomers, Gen X’ers, and the Gen Y Millennial. Perhaps as a result of the survey itself, 45+ was somewhat over-represented at over 55% of the total respondents, and did not reflect an interest in non-food categories as heavily as did the balance of the younger respondents.

About Centra360

Centra360 is an integrated retail and brand activation agency with expertise in multi-brand themed promotions and sales-driving programs. Brand openings are now available for their 2018 Fall All-Natural Month program which will promote over 15 non-competing natural and organic products across digital, radio, social and other media while delivering high-value digital coupons to drive both awareness and trials. For more information contact Mark Biggin at [email protected], or visit our program site for complete details:

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