Optimize sampling by consumer “Hyper-Targeting”

February 14, 2018

Introducing a new brand, new product in a brand portfolio?  TAKE HEED!

Sampling is really an “experiential trial”, direct-to-home. A valuable tool, brands leverage to get their product into consumers’ hands for trial and testing before being considered in the purchasing decision process. New product launches, consumer reactivation and acquisition campaigns are a few of the fitting scenarios to implement sampling.   

Possibly the most effective technique to optimize reach for sampling is consumer hyper-targeting. Why is this important? Typically, as marketers, we have been forced to cast a broad net over sizable consumer target groups in the hopes that a small portion are in fact the consumers we want to engage.  This fails to deliver necessary return on investment, tends to result in inefficiencies and low response rates (1-2%).

Picture this: what if the consumers in a custom target group were already refined to be highly predisposed to the brand, attracted to the product (or product form/benefits in the case of a new product launch) and likely to buy once exposed to the product and campaign?  Actual experience tells us  the rate of trial and response will not only be significant (10%++) but also result in repurchasing, loyalty and retention.

Here are five tips to consider when developing a strategically targeted sampling campaign.

  • Multiple data sources: There’s little use in trying to sell to a prospective consumer who is not going to buy regardless of the message or product. Use everything at your disposal when building consumer profiles by leveraging consumer insights, research, past campaign analytics and 1st/3rd party data, etc. 
  • Omni channel: Optimize multiple media options and enhance sampling campaigns with targeted messaging via supporting media and/or offers.  For example, following up a direct-to-home mailer and coupon with digital ads hits the same consumer twice and doubles the opportunity the message will resonate and inspire action.
  • State-of-the-art hyper-targeting tools: Utilizing attitudinal data in addition to traditional methods truly elevates consumer response rate as it further attributes the underlying motivators that trigger consumers’ action – overall, performing well beyond traditional techniques alone. Vendors and suppliers that specialize in attitudinal hyper-targeting are great avenues to explore and a perfect fit for increasing targeting accuracy.
  • Granularity: It’s simple. The more accurately you’re able to target, the more likely the consumers within your target group will engage, respond and/or purchase. Targeting at the 1:1 individual attitudinal level vs. proxies/standard filters drastically amplifies campaign success by providing a much denser population of consumers most likely to act and, as a result, optimizing campaign spend per sample/impression delivered.
  • Measure… measure and MEASURE: Measurability is critical in justifying campaign spend and reporting ROAS/ROI. Research and implement targeting capabilities that allow you to measure campaign success by reputable 3rd party specialists.

Pitfall of consumer targeting: Be mindful that when applying filters or proxies to your target group, the scale of the consumer audience shrinks and can inherently limit the size of the campaign. It’s vital to find the delicate balance of reach/campaign spend alongside target market size to ensure the right number of consumers are targeted.

A final note. One trade off that is often questioned is cost to execute. Sampling can be expensive due to production, logistics, resourcing and delivery. Inevitably, making accuracy critical for revenues to outweigh fees.

Learn more from Twenty-Ten Inc., a partner of Centra360.com., utilizes proprietary technology that hyper-targets consumers at scale (300MM adults in the U.S.) and leverages custom attitudinal data sets in conjunction with behavioural, 1st party and 3rd party data sources.  Their predictive modeling capability yields 10+% over existing rates of trial in the CPG space and up to 100% over behavioural models for direct response opportunities. For more information, please contact [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]. Use code: TT360.

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