Sweepstakes That Work in Today’s Digital Landscape

January 16, 2018

Sweepstakes are a proven way to create buzz and build a following —not to mention a CRM list. How do you get the word out? In this age of social media, bloggers and word of mouth contribute strongly in building participation levels. If you’re thinking about implementing a sweepstakes program, consider your options:

1. “Instant Win” Sweepstakes – Submit an entry and instantly win! There’s no random drawing or judging, just simple programming to award prizes. Daily prizes keep consumers coming back for more.

2. “Text Message to Win” Sweepstakes – Just use a mobile device to enter. To continually reinforce your brand, make the keyword your brand’s name. An alternate entry is required either online or through snail mail. The advantage? Entering is as easy as sending a text message to a shortcode. On the other hand, consumers may be subject to standard and premium text message charges. And, your CRM initiatives may suffer because you don’t capture, email addresses, zip codes or mailing addresses.

3. “Match & Win” Sweepstakes – Match the game card code on your product with a winning code that appears on your microsite. All non-winning entries could be combined into a Second Chance Drawing for bigger prizes. Or opt for a “Match & Win” advergame that would continue to promote your brand.

4. “Collect & Win” Sweepstakes – Collect game pieces that add up to prize money, free retailer product prizes, and big prizes like cars and vacations.

5. “Scan & Win” Sweepstakes – Use your cell phone to scan a code off a package and see if you’ve won a prize.

6. Program Learning Sweepstakes – Get your sales force motivated — and informed! They watch a “training video” or read an article, then complete five simple questions about the content. All entries with correct answers are entered into a random drawing for a prize.

7. Post a Photo With Your Product Contest or Sweepstakes – Get consumers to brag about your product — have them post a photo with your product using a hashtag. To comply with FTC guidelines, they must also include the #sweepstakes or #contest hashtag.

8. “Refer-A-Friend” Sweepstakes – Organically build your database — fast! Ask entrants to pass on the names and email addresses of their friends. For every friend they refer that enters the Sweepstakes, they get another chance to win.

9. “Everyone Wins” Sweepstakes – A true win-win! Every entry or play gets a prize. Non-winners get product savings coupons.

10. “Plain and Simple Random Drawing” Sweepstakes – Gather plenty of CRM information by offering consumers the chance to win prizes. They complete an entry form and opt in to receive emails from you in the future.

11. Survey Sweepstakes – Want feedback about your product or service? Offer a Survey Sweepstakes that asks consumers to complete a quick questionnaire. Add future buyer intent questions and you’ll instantly see if you have a qualified customer.

12) “Write a Review” Sweepstakes – Follow up with your consumer and ask them to write a review about your product or service. Offer them a chance to win a high-value gift card for their input.

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