Why So Many Brands are Leveraging Event Sponsorships

September 15, 2016

Event Sponsorships are the fastest growing marketing services segment for the third year in a row with growth of 7+ percent in 2016.

Many marketers today are using event sponsorships to reach the experience-driven culture of 83 million millennials as a means to forge lasting bonds by connecting with them on a deeper, emotional level through interactivity.

Brands add event sponsorships to their multi-faceted campaigns as a means to leverage built-in audiences by enhancing the physical event or extending beyond the event (e.g. pre/post activities to enhance the experience for attendees).

Brands are seeing that when they develop on-site event sponsorship experiences and ways that attendees can strategically interact with their product, it does more than just drive awareness, it bolsters both sales and drives lasting brand affinity.

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